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Development cooperation – Tuvalu

Australia’s bilateral aid program in Tuvalu


Australia has a longstanding relationship with Tuvalu based on shared development and security goals. Australia is committed to strengthening Tuvalu's economic and environmental resilience development through our aid program

Australia and Tuvalu’s shared vision for development cooperation is set out in the Australia-Tuvalu Aid Partnership Arrangement 2017-2020.

The objectives of Australia’s aid program in Tuvalu are set out in the Aid Investment Plan Tuvalu 2015-2019. Australia’s aid to Tuvalu is organised under three strategic priorities: good governance, economic growth and stability; education and human resources; and environment and climate change.

Supporting Tuvaluans to study in Australia is an important part of the aid program. In 2017, Australia provided 15 Australia Awards university scholarships to Tuvaluans to study in Australia and the region.

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Tuvalu also benefits from funding and activities under Australia’s Pacific regional aid program.