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Australia’s bilateral aid program in Fiji


Australia’s aid program supports Fiji’s development ambitions of an inclusive and prosperous country that strengthens its role as a regional hub for the South Pacific.

The objectives of Australia’s aid program in Fiji are set out in the Aid Investment Plan Fiji 2015-2019. Australia’s aid to Fiji is organised under two strategic priorities: increased private sector development and improved human development.

Fiji is also committed to addressing domestic violence and empowerment of women, supporting equal opportunities for people with disabilities, and strengthening resilience to climate change and natural disasters. Australia’s aid program addresses these issues across all programs.

Supporting Fijians to study in Australia, and Australians to do voluntary work in Fiji are important parts of the aid program. In 2016-17 there were 82 Fijian students on Australia Award scholarships and 81 Australian volunteers working in 45 different organisations across Fiji.

To deliver Australia’s aid, we work alongside 26 Fiji government agencies, local civil service organisations, international NGOs, the Asian Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation and different UN agencies. Our 2016 Australia Fiji Civil Society Engagement Strategy informs our work with Fiji’s civil society.

In 2017, the Australian Government established the Fiji Program Support Facility. The Facility supports the Australian Government's policy of improving the efficiency, coherence and effectiveness of the aid program by having multiple aid programs (for example, health, education, scholarships) managed by a single contractor. When fully operational, the Facility will administer approximately one-third of the Fiji aid program.

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Fiji also benefits from funding and activities under Australia’s Pacific regional aid program.

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