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Visa Health Requirements

Health Requirements

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Why is there a health requirement?

Australia has some of the best health standards in the world. In order to maintain these standards, all visa applicants must satisfy health requirements specified in the Migration Regulations before they can be granted a visa for Australia.

Who needs to do a health examination?

Any person who wishes to travel to Australia may be required to undergo a medical check and/or chest x-ray if the DIBPoffice deems that their health may be relevant to the grant of a visa. 

If you intend a visit or temporary stay in Australia refer to Health Requirment for Temporary Entry to Australia (55KB PDF file)

If you intend to migrate and permanently settle in Australia refer to Health Requirement for Permanent Entry to Australia (50KB PDF file)

If you are 75 years and older you must undergo a medical examination regardless of the intended length of your stay. If the stay is for longer than 3 months an x-ray examination is also required. Applicants 75 years and older should use the Form 26 - Medical Examination for an Australian Visa. Please note that Form 26 has replaced the Proforma for Offshore applicants aged 75 and over.  

If you have undergone a medical and/or x-ray examination conducted by an approved panel doctor for the purposes of a previous visa application to Australia in recent months, it is possible that the results of the examination(s) are still valid and may be re-used for the purposes of a subsequent visa application made for travel within 12 months of the examination(s). If this applies to you, check with a Visa Office prior to undergoing another examination.

How do I arrange for a health examination?

If a medical and/or x-ray examination is required, our office will contact you within 7 days of receiving your application.

You must undergo the medical examination at an approved panel doctor clinic. You should arrange an appointment with a panel doctor of their choice and ensure that you take with you the following to the examination:

Form 26 and/or Form 160 as required;
•  One passport-size photograph per form; and
•  Passport (if possible) or form of photographic Id.

You should also be aware of what type of visa you are applying for, as the panel doctor will need this information in order to complete the health examination forms. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to attend a medical and/or x-ray examination.

What happens after the health examination?

The doctor will send the results directly to our office. If the tests reveal any health concerns, our office must send the results to a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) in Australia for further advice. Our officers are required by law to accept the advice given by a MOC on whether an applicant meets the health requirement. A MOC may request an applicant to do further medical checks before a visa can be granted.

If our office needs to refer the examination results to a MOC, it may take up to 4 weeks to receive their advice. It is possible that a MOC may request the applicant to undergo further examinations. This may further lengthen the processing time of the application. Applicants have 49 days from the date of the medical letter to complete their examination and for the hospital to forward the completed medical forms to our office (for student applicants this is the date of the PVA letter).

If a further medical or x-ray examination is requested, you must undergo the tests within 49 days from the date of the medical letter.

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